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Social Science

Social Science is the study of the characteristics, changes, causes and consequences of human behavior in groups. It provides an understanding of the structure and dynamics of social systems from small interactions to entire societies and world systems. Students are trained to evaluate the effects of gender, ethnic background, social class, religion, and community on an individual or group. The sociological perspective is crucial for success in today's multicultural and multinational work environments. Thus, a background in social science is valuable preparation for careers in almost any modern organizational setting.

Graduates apply their knowledge and skills across a wide variety of occupations and professions including recreation, law enforcement, and human services. They are also prepared for graduate and professional school programs in areas such as law, public policy, business, social work or psychology.


Social Science Committee Members

NOTE: Not all institutions have members on committees. For a four-year institution to have a member on a Professional Academic Committee (PAC), they must have at least one major in the discipline area (verified by the ACHE Academic Program Inventory). The two-year institutions are allowed to name up to two non-voting members to serve on the committee. Four-year members of academic committees are appointed by the Institution's Point of Contact. Two-year non-voting members are appointed by the Alabama Community College System office. For more information about the PACs, click here.

Acting Chairperson

4-Year Voting Members

2-Year Non-Voting Members