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Course Approval Procedure

The following procedure has been established by the AGSC to assist Alabama public institutions of higher education in submitting their courses for designation in the statewide approved general studies curriculum.

  1. Institutions wanting to submit a course should complete the Course Proposal Form for each individual course that they would like to have reviewed. For each course submitted, the sending institution should provide the completed and signed proposal form and a copy of the current course syllabus that would be representative of how the course would be taught at the institution. This course proposal packet should be mailed to the following address:

    AGSC/STARS Administrative Office
    1101 South Brundidge Street
    ELC Building Suite 107 
    Troy, AL 36087

    NOTE: All two-year institutions must submit their course proposals
    through the Alabama College System Office.

  2. Once this information is received, the course is logged into the AGSC Course Database and tagged as "pending review." A scanned copy of course proposal will be electronically forwarded to the members of the appropriate Area Academic Committee. A link to the course syllabus and to the online voting form will be provided through the electronic message. The committee will be given voting instructions and a reasonable deadline will be established for a review and vote on the course by all members of the committee. Academic committee members will be asked to vote to recommend the course to the AGSC for approval. In most cases, the academic committee members will have the opportunity to vote "yes", "no", or "abstain". Members who do not vote will be counted as abstentions.

    If modifications to the course proposal are needed to make a final recommendation, the Chair of the Area Academic Committee (or STARS staff member) will contact the sending institution and request additional information.

  3. Once the voting deadline has passed, all votes will be tallied by the Area Academic Committee chair or the STARS staff member. In order for the course to move forward as a recommendation to the AGSC for final approval it must receive 15 yes votes from the Area Committee membership.

    If the course receives enough yes votes, the chair or the STARS staff member will fill out the bottom of the form and record the vote tally. The chair of the committee can send in the results by email and request the STARS staff member to complete the form and continue the process.

  4. Once a recommendation is obtained by the STARS office, the AGSC Course Database will be updated to reflect the recommendation (yes or no) as voted on by the respective academic committee.

    If the academic committee recommends the course for approval

    The course(s) will be brought before the AGSC for final approval at the next regularly scheduled AGSC meeting. The AGSC meets approximately every 3-4 months.

    If the committee does not recommend the course for approval

    The AGSC/STARS Administrative Office will communicate the decision of the academic committee to the sending institution. The sending institution can then make the necessary modifications and re-submit the course if they so choose.

  5. The recommended course(s) will be brought before the AGSC Committee for approval.

    If the course is approved by the AGSC

    The Course Proposal Form will be stamped “AGSC approved”, dated, and a copy will be sent to the sending institution. The original copy will be kept on file in the AGSC&STARS Administrative Office. In addition, the AGSC Course Database will be updated to reflect the approval.

    If the course is not approved by the AGSC

    The Course Proposal Form will be stamped “AGSC denied, dated, and returned to the sending institution. The AGSC Course Database will be updated to reflect the denial.

    If the course is tabled by the AGSC

    In some cases the course may be tabled by the AGSC pending additional information from the sending institution. In this case, the STARS staff will follow-up and work with the institution to provide the requested information at the next AGSC meeting. Another vote may occur at the next meeting on previously tabled courses.